Welcome to Eden Ministries Uganda "Holistically Developed child and spiritually nurtured"

         Greetings from Eden Ministries Uganda

Eden Ministries Uganda is a purely nonprofit, anon government, non political, Community Based Organization serving indigenous people of Mbulamuti and Butansi sub counties in Kamuli District. The organization is duly registered with Mbulamuti sub county local government under registration

No. MBLT.022/JU/012 with its offices at Mbulamuti, opposite mbulamuti primary school.EMU exists to work with the poor and marginalized rural people to improve their livelihood and increase self-reliance through education support to OVC, health services through referral to partnership health centres, advocacy, food security and nutrition, partnership and networking.


Its development program focuses mainly on social mobilization and policy advocacy work addressing issues of gender inequality and women’s rights, food security and livelihood, orphans care and support, HIV and AIDS and its impact on education and other socio-economic and cultural inequalities and injustices. Its approach emphasizes community based care for supporting marginalized groups of people.

·         Promotion of girl child Education

·         Promotion of Public Health in the community.

·         Promotion of gender equity.

·         Economic Empowerment and support.

            Agriculture for small farmer groups

            Child protection 

·         And other wrap up around services for effective delivery to the beneficiaries

 Our vision is to promote community empowerment and spiritual nurture through building local capacities to their own activities for self sustainability.

Mission life in its fullness. The mission of the initiative is to achieve an economically, self reliant and empowered community through networking with other partners in development while targeting all vulnerable groups without discrimination.

CORE VALUES: Transparency, Equity and Gender purity, Accountability, Honesty, integrity and Team spirit, Love for children.

a community volunteer giving scholastic material to an orphan as support to go to school.

Eden Ministry Uganda (EMU) is a voluntary, not for profit, Community Based Organization that was formed by persons with a vision to support, unite and promote community development in vulnerable communities in Kamuli district especially in Mbulamuti ,butansi and Kitayunjwa sub counties and the neighboring districts. Our goal is to promote community empowerment through building local capacities to handle HIV/AIDS prevention programmes, Empower Youths with skills,child protection,Empower child participation and leadership,promote safe water ,hygiene and sanitation, support and care services; handle self-help and income generating activities,promote food security and education for the marginalized children.

It was formed in 2007 and registered on 23rd march 2011 as a CBO operating in Kamuli and the neighboring districts.  The organization has so far mobilized over 130 members within the districts of Kamuli, Luuka, Kaliro, Jinja and Buyendhe. The majorities of these are either in subsidiary farming or involved in micro and small-scale business activities.

To a great extent many are dealing in survival activities characterized of the informal sector operations. They include small holder farming, cattle keeping, market vendors, housemaids, brick making, tailoring, and handcrafts to mention but a few.

A majority of these community fall under the most productive age group and sexually most active. They are either employees, employer, self –employed or just a member of the wide community. It is important to note that the workplace is not separated from the community where they live although some may work in an atmosphere that is separated from the community.

The relatively high financial need of some people has leads to situations of sexual exploitation of women and school girls who need money because of their desperate situations and domestic demands. The exchange of gifts for sex has also added pressure on young people allowing the acquiring of HIV/ AIDs. Cited examples of women/girls pressured into sex with older men are often their sponsors. 

Poor feeding, inadequate housing and lack of hygiene has made HIV/AIDs infected persons even more vulnerable to AIDS related diseases.